Tips for Moving Without a Job in a New City

How does moving without a job sound to you? Do you think it’s something you can pull off? It’s certainly not impossible, but don’t let your relocation be a lucky shot – try these tips and play safe. You will save money, time, and your nerves. Leave the suitcases for a bit and take a look at some handy advice.

Venturing into the unknown is an exciting experience, and some people enjoy that thrill. They just book a flight and leave with twenty bucks in their pocket. On the other hand, there are those who like to feel safe, so they save money before moving cross-country, international moving, or even a local move. Whatever your reason for moving without a job might be, consider doing a bit of preparation so that you can land one faster.

Should I Move Before Finding a Job? Sometimes, New Opportunities Shouldn’t Wait

If you want to move to a new city without a job and you feel like you can find work easily, just move. It will be stressful, but this isn’t uncommon. Moving to another state without a job can be significantly harder than just going to another city within the same state – there are a lot more preparation and logistics for a cross-country move. Wherever you choose to move, be honest about your reasons for it. Make sure you aren’t just avoiding problems you have now. Face them so that you can be sure that they won’t occur anymore.

Relocating Without a Job Might Be Worth It

People move because of so many reasons, and sometimes they don’t have time to look for employment. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move in with your loved one or a great chance to grab that lake-front house you’ve been looking at for months. If you plan this well, moving to a new city alone with no employment will turn out just fine. Don’t lose hope along the way, and don’t let the fear stop you. Set your mind on a positive outcome – it will have a beneficial impact on the adventure called moving to a new city alone without a job.

A girl and a guy sitting with boxes writing down a plan
Grab the chance you have if you think it’s worth it

A Complete Guide for Moving Without a Job – Make a Plan First

This is a type of adventure that doesn’t go well without a well-thought plan unless you were born under a lucky star, and everything you touch turns to gold. In that case, you don’t need this article. If you are like the rest of us mortals and Murphy’s law somehow always works out for you, you might want to take a look. Start making a plan on time so you avoid additional stress.

Make a Solid Budget Before Moving to a New State Without a Job

This is the crucial part – the more money you have, the more relaxed you’ll feel. That is why this budget is also called a safety net. This will cover the rent for your home, utilities, food, transportation, and all other living expenses. Try to calculate what your monthly expenses will be and take at least three months’ worth of that, just to leave enough time to find a position you like. It would be best to have money for six months because that would give you the luxury of not having to do anything until you get hired.

Finding a Place to Stay Is a Part of Learning How to Move Without a Job

While you’re looking for employment you like, try to find where you can live. It could be a shared space, your friend’s basement, or you could be living in your own crib. As soon as you find it, you’ll feel much less moving stress. Create a new apartment checklist if you are entering an empty place. Bring the things you have now to cut some costs. You’ll also have to learn how to pack clothes for moving (it’s not always as easy as it sounds), how to pack plates for moving, and how to pack glasses for moving. You’ll need all of that. Maybe even knowing how to move a piano might come in handy, who knows.

Check Out the Employers and Work Positions in the City You’re Going To

Do you know what career path you wish to take? Is it the same you’re in now or something completely different? Make a decision and start researching who’s hiring and where you can apply. Update your resume so it stands out from the rest – after all, you do need that job. Submit it to as many companies as you can and see if there’s any room for professional growth in your career and what the contracts and conditions are.

Job hunting isn’t simple and it could even take months to find someone for whom you would like to work, so be ready for that. Use all the websites for jobs such as Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, and others. Also, the more people you let know that you are relocating and job hunting, the bigger the chances to find something you love doing. If you are moving out of state without a job to a metropolis, you’ll have bigger chances of finding a company you’d like to work for. However, learning how to relocate without a job to a small town also has its perks – you’ll be able to do more thorough research of the job market.

A man sitting looking at his phone
Going online and seeing what options are available for you will help

How Can I Move Without a Job or Money?

This is a harder level from the previous one where we suppose that you have savings or parents you can count on. If that’s not the case, things will be different. No money for rent means that you have to know somebody in that city, be it family or friends. In case you are moving with pets, that could make the pursuit for a home even more difficult. Let’s see how to move out of state without a job or money – you’ll need some moving hacks, that’s for sure.

Reach to All the Helpful Resources You Know

Networking is vital in this situation. Connect to all the people you know that might have some useful information about your field of work in the location you’re interested in. Maybe one of your friends works at a company that you would like to be a part of, or some of your relatives that live in that state have good connections. Check all of that – it might bring you an excellent opportunity. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to people you don’t know. You can contact them online, introduce yourself, and ask what you are interested in. They’ll surely help you.

Cut the Costs When Moving Without a Job

Moving to another state alone or with someone can be pricey, depending on where you’re headed. If you’re leaving without any money in your pocket, you’ll also have to save on the process of relocating. However, if you are moving internationally, your costs will be high however you do it. Find the cheapest option possible to save money for other expenses.

Side Jobs Are a Great Way to Earn More

Part-time and side jobs are a great way to earn extra income, even if your main goal is to have only full-time employment. Since you are moving to a new city without a job, you’ll have to try harder to make even more money than if you had some savings with you. If the moving out for the first time budget didn’t work out well, a side hustle is the answer. Even lower salaries are still salaries.

Watch the video below to see what experience a person that knows how to move to a new city without a job or money had.

If You Change Your Mind, You Can Always Learn the Answer to How Do I Get a Job Before Relocating?

If learning how to move to another state without a job seems too stressful and uncertain for you, and you don’t want to risk it, try finding a job before you arrive at the destination. Don’t force yourself to the unknown if you have a bad feeling about it. The process is quite similar – you’ll have to do the same things you would if you are looking for employment and you are already in another place. Follow this chronological list:

  • Research the job market in that city and state,
  • Start networking with people that already have a position in the industry you are interested in,
  • Create a good resume and apply to the companies you are interested in,
  • Check the cost of living at that place and make a budget for several months,
  • Find a home where you’ll live,
  • Wait for a response, and if you accept the offer, start organizing to move and live there.

Is It Worth It to Move for a Job?

Pursuing your career often means leaving your hometown, state, or country. If you are truly motivated to thrive in your work field, consider accepting an offer from a company that isn’t near you. It could be the same industry or even the same company but in a different place, so it doesn’t have to mean that you are completely starting over from scratch. You will also have the opportunity to experience more, to meet more people, and explore the city. All of these things will improve your life and make you a happier person. Every move is different, but each of them brings so many changes and experiences, regardless of the motive of the relocation.

A happy girl with glasses looking at a laptop
You can always wait to get the position and then move to another location

Professional Cross Country Movers Will Take a Lot of Stress off Your Shoulders

When relocating to another destination, you have to take care of many things simultaneously, and that can be very exhausting when you are already stressed about not having a job. A reputable relocation company will be very helpful in this situation. They can do the physical part for you like packing, custom crating, loading the truck, and providing you with professional boxes and packing supplies. If you decide that it will be useful to have a car at the future destination, you can also get car shipping instead of driving there. Having someone reliable to help you move means a lot, so don’t hesitate to hire a good company to get you to another city, state, or country.

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