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Having moving insurance when relocating is a great way to be one step ahead of any possible damage that could happen to your belongings. Even when you’re working with a professional and trustworthy company such as Paragon, there are some events that can’t be predicted. A bumpy road or extreme weather conditions can cause a breakage, and you could end up with broken pieces of your favorite item. To prevent you from losing altogether, it’s highly recommended to get moving insurance coverage.

Why Should You Get Moving Insurance?

Cross-country moving might sound simple and straightforward, at least more simple than international moving. You, or professional movers, just have to put everything in boxes, load it on the truck, travel to the destination, and unload the shipment, right? That might not be the whole truth – moving internationally or to another state can’t be compared to a local move just down the block. It’s far more complicated, and it takes a lot of patience and organization to do it right. Many things can go wrong – from bad packing to some unpredictable factors, and your valuable and dear things can get broken, scratched, or chipped.

Moving Insurance Makes Relocating Less Stressful

One of the biggest factors why relocating is so stressful is the unpredictability of events. Getting moving insurance coverage is a great way to feel more relaxed knowing that even if something happens that can’t be avoided, you will be reimbursed for the damage that the accident caused.

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How Does Having Moving Insurance Help?

Regardless of whether you’re relocating your household items, your vehicle, or both, you should find a good international moving company or a cross-country moving company that will take care of everything for you. Opting for professional companies has so many pros, but one of the biggest ones is that you can get moving insurance coverage for your belongings. You’ve probably chosen to relocate the stuff you care for, and it would be a great loss if anything happened to your things because of the move. Since Paragon Movers ship all kinds of things, including heavy, expensive, and delicate ones, we have to be ready to provide our clients with a way of protecting them, other than just safely packing or custom crating. Even pianos, motorcycles, and safes are secure with us.

Homeowners or Renters Insurance Isn’t the Same as Moving Insurance

If you’ve thought that maybe your homeowners or renters insurance could cover the transportation of your belongings to another place, the truth is that it can’t. Policies like these are only valid while the belongings are inside your home. However, some policies can cover your things through a trip transit policy.

Paragon Movers Offer You a Minimum Liability Insurance for Each Item You Want to Move

With us, every move gets a basic or limited liability insurance that will get you sixty cents per every damaged pound. This policy is free, and it’s mandatory, so even if you don’t purchase any additional coverage, you will still have the basic one. This type of policy fits everyone’s budget, that’s for sure. However, it’s highly recommended that the client buy additional insurance for light but expensive things. It does come at an additional cost, but it’s worth the price.

Get the Valuation of the Items in Your Home If You Think That Limited Liability Isn’t Enough

If you’re not completely sure that the basic insurance is enough for you, ask your relocation specialist about the valuation of the belongings you have in your home. Since they are professionals with lots of experience, they can help you decide whether there’s a need to get additional coverage or not. In most cases, it’s a very smart move to protect and cover any type of electronics such as TV, game consoles, speakers, and alike. Also, if you’re relocating some rarities such as antique furniture or art, it’s not a good idea to cover them with only sixty cents per pound.

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It’s Best to Have Full Coverage Insurance

No matter how reputable or professional are the companies that you’re considering to hire for your move – it all comes down to what type of insurance you’ve got in case something goes wrong. Limited liability is free, and it’s a far better option if you’re relocating something you don’t really care about. But in case you’re shipping new and expensive furniture and other stuff, having full replacement insurance is the perfect option. You will get reimbursed for the actual value of your things instead of just the weight. Some very expensive things might require an appraisal (receipt) by a professional appraisal company or from the company they bought the item from. Make sure you notify the relocation company about these types of items on time because insuring them takes a day or two.

High-Value Items Need Additional Protection

Have you been planning to ship some high-value things? If so, keep in mind that protecting those things requires more than just regular boxes and packing supplies. If you’re relocating something that can’t be repaired after the damage, consider getting it crated in a customized wooden box. Custom crating is a perfect way of relocating something valuable and breakable.

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Only the Items Our Movers Packed for You Can Be Insured With Full Value Replacement Insurance

Cross-country movers aren’t allowed to sell moving insurance coverage, but we can at least act as an intermediary because we are insured. That is how the full-value replacement insurance is buyable through us – we use Baker International as our insurance company. For an extra cost, you can protect any item if our team has packed it.

Paragon Movers offer partial and full packing service with an extra charge, and we can’t guarantee anything that hasn’t been packed by our crew. Why is this so? The reason behind this is that we can’t be completely sure that the client packed and protected the item correctly with the right materials and that it isn’t the reason why something got broken. Our movers are professionals, and we use only high-quality equipment and supplies, so once we’re done with packing, we can guarantee that the shipment is safe. If you want the boxes to be insured as well, we would need to pack each content inside of a box and provide the material.

Your Vehicle Is Also Safe When Relocating With Paragon

If you got car shipping services with Paragon, know that every car is covered up to a certain sum, depending on the type of relocation you chose. Open trailers are a more affordable way to ship a car, but this is also a less safe option because the car will be constantly exposed to the weather, dust, and debris. Enclosed trailers offer far more protection than the open ones do, and if you don’t want to allow anything to make a scratch on your car, you’ll probably choose this option.

If you shipped your car on an open trailer and it’s still in our possession when the damage happens, it will be covered up to $100,000. In case you chose to ship it inside an enclosed truck, your car is covered up to $500,000. This insurance doesn’t cover any internal damages such as the engine or brakes, but only the external damages like scratches or dents.

What Happens When Your Items Get Damaged?

Once the delivery to your new home is over, you should always do a thorough check-up of everything you’re shipped. If you notice that something is missing or damaged, contact us as soon as possible. Our customer care agents will take it from there – provide them with photos and an explanation of what happened during the move, loading, or unloading the truck. Then, you can specify if the item was covered with a full-value replacement policy or not. If they are, we will immediately contact our insurance company, and if they’re not, you can fill out a claim form. The damage will be revised, and then we can decide on the reimbursement. Your relocation specialist will propose you a deal, and then you can come to an agreement.

Having Moving Insurance Will Give You a Peace of Mind

With Paragon Movers, you can get all kinds of the best relocation services you might need, including residential and commercial moves, thirty days of free storage for long-distance moves, and relocation to almost all states and countries. If you plan on relocating and choosing between the companies, make sure you can get all the services from only one firm and choose between the free and buyable insurance policies. It will make you feel more secure and relaxed, especially if your things have to travel a long way and need additional protection. You can insure them even if you choose to leave them in storage for a month or more. Even though buying an insurance policy won’t fit everyone’s pocket, you should consider it if you’re relocating something that can’t be reimbursed with sixty cents per pound. In the end, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Knowing that you have repair costs covered or a full reimbursement for things that can’t be repaired is a true relief. Feel less overwhelmed and concerned by all of this, and enjoy the best relocation with Paragon Movers.

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