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When it comes to local moving, swift and trouble-free relocation from one part of the city to another is possible if you hire top-notch movers to lend you a helping hand. If having professionals as your partner sounds like a great solution, Paragon Movers is the company for you. Our crew is experienced and trained and will be with you every step of the relocation. From disassembling furniture and packing to loading and unloading the truck. The Paragon crew will make sure your move goes without a hitch.

There Are More Than a Few Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Services

When you are considering the relocation, no matter the distance, know you don’t have to do it alone. Having a trustworthy partner to lend you a helping hand can make the whole process faster and easier. That’s why you should consider hiring local movers. Experts can do everything instead of you while you just kick back, relax and prepare for the new adventure.

Use These Tips When Choosing a Company to Help You With a Local Move

Before you go online and research “local moving companies near me,” write down all the things you need to pay attention to in order to find the most reputable professionals. Start by reading through the reviews. A line of satisfied customers and stellar reviews can tell you if the company is trustworthy. That’s why Paragon clients are raving about the professionalism and expertise our crew shows through every relocation. Also, we are licensed and insured, giving you proof that we are the real deal.

Paragon Is a Supreme Choice Among Local Moving Companies

When it comes to relocation, there is no better choice than Paragon. Our team of professionals movers and packers has been in the business for a while, and they know how to get things done. No matter what you need, we got you covered. Putting the clients’ needs as our top priority is what makes us a supreme choice. Give us a call and see for yourself.

Why Should You Hire Paragon

Besides having excellent reviews and experience to go with it, the Paragon crew can offer you a variety of services that will make relocation an exciting experience. Furthermore, we will provide you with a guaranteed quote based on the inventory list, meaning there won’t be any hidden costs. All you have to do is contact us, provide us with your inventory list, and we will give you the estimate. It is simple as that. If you want to add or remove items from the list, give us a call, and our agents will recalculate the price.

What Areas Do We Cover

When it comes to local moves, Paragon covers a few areas. For starters, if you need moving services in Denver, we are here for you. Our Denver movers will gladly assist you with the relocation around the city. Also, if you are looking for moving services in Broomfield, we got you covered. Paragon has the best Broomfield movers that can lend you a helping hand and make the relocation easy. Furthermore, if you are from the area and you are looking for moving services in Arvada, look no further. Our Arvada movers will expertly relocate all of your stuff without a hitch. On top of it all, if you are relocating to the northwest suburbs of Denver, contact our Westminster movers. They will provide you with first-rate moving services in Westminster and make your relocation smooth.

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We Provide Excellent Moving Services for a Reasonable Price

Paragon crew has one goal – to make your relocation experience unforgettable, easy, and trouble-free. That’s why we can provide you with a wide range of assistance designed to meet all of your needs and budget. From small apartments to full-size houses, we can help you relocate no matter how much stuff you have. We also form our prices based on the inventory list, so you won’t get scammed or overcharged. Give us a call, provide us with the list of items, and our agents will give you the estimate. Unless you change the number of items on your list, there won’t be additional charges and hidden fees to worry about.

We Can Handle All Kinds of Residential Moves

Are you relocating from a one-bedroom apartment or from a five-bedroom mansion? It doesn’t really matter. The Paragon crew can help you move no matter what. We are experts when it comes to residential relocation. Our professional team is experienced and equipped to handle all kinds of objects. Also, we will bring high-quality packing materials and wrap your delicate belongings with utmost care. Do you have some bulky items that should be disassembled? Don’t worry, we can handle them. With the Paragon crew by your side, you will easily relocate without stressing about the safety of your stuff.

Check Out Our Additional Services

We can cover every part of your relocation, from start to finish, and that’s why Paragon offers a set of additional assistances. Each of them could enhance the overall experience of your move, and here are some basic ones:

  • Stair Carry – something you need if your home is in a building without an elevator and you live higher than one flight of stairs. If you don’t want to worry about navigating through narrow hallways and stairways, our crew will do it instead of you.
  • Long Carry – can come in handy if the distance from your home to the truck is more than 200ft. Those that want to avoid lifting heavy furniture could just let our crew handle it.
  • Hoisting – is a very useful type of assistance if you have bulky objects that can’t fit through the windows or doors. Let’s say you want to take a pool table or a piano with you, don’t worry, you won’t have to break down walls, our crew will hoist everything over the balcony.
  • Debris Removal – no matter how careful you are, relocation can get messy. That’s why we offer you the removal of debris as additional assistance. This means that our crew will remove all the unpacking leftovers and even unwanted pieces of furniture.

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If You Have Your Own Truck You Can Use Our Labor Services

The Paragon team understands how tough relocation can get, that’s why we offer our clients reliable labor services. You can opt for a labor option if you have a truck and you want help loading furniture onto it. Paragon crew is a group of well-trained individuals experienced in handling all kinds of objects. We will make sure all of your belongings are safely put onto a truck, no matter how delicate or bulky they are.

You might wonder How much does a local move cost if you get a laboring service? When it comes to this type of assistance, we charge per hour and per mover. Give us a call, and our agents will gladly provide you with a free estimate.

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Paragon Is a Company With an Efficient Packing Crew

Do you really want to take every item in your home, wrap it, put it in a box, and label it? Depending on your home’s size, this can take up a few days of your time, and honestly, it is not a fun activity to partake in. The solution – hiring top-notch Paragon packers to lend you a helping hand. Since we know that every relocation is different, we offer you two packing options – full and partial.

Use Full Packing Service Which Includes Supplies

Using a full packaging option is the best way to avoid the long and tedious process of boxing up stuff. Why would you bother obtaining materials and researching the best wrapping methods when the Paragon crew can do everything instead of you. You just have to make an inventory list of your stuff, and everything else is up to us. Our crew will provide you with all the necessary materials and supplies as well. We will disassemble your furniture, use mattress covers and padding, and high-quality boxes.

Take Advantage of the Partial Packing Option

A partial service is an option our team offers to clients who wish to pack most of their stuff on their own. However, they might want to rely on experts to handle some more delicate belongings. That’s why the Paragon crew can offer a partial packaging option. All you have to do is provide us with a list of items and the exact number of boxes that you want us to pack. Keep in mind that the maximum number of boxes that go under this service is 15. If you have more than that, you will need to use the full packaging option.

Our Local Moving Company Offers Custom Crating for Any Breakables

Our customers hire us to help them transport everything from living room couches that are used daily to valuable family heirloom and fragile objects. If you have some delicate possessions you are worried might not survive even the short trip, we have an efficient solution for your troubles – custom crating service. It is meant for all the delicate objects you don’t want to risk damaging.

Our professional team will make customized wooden boxes by the dimensions of the items you want to crate. Once placed inside the box, the object will be protected from breakage and scratches. You can use custom crating no matter if you are putting things in storage or directly transporting them to the new home.

You Will Get 30 Days of Free Storage

Local moving can be as unpredictable as any cross-country relocation. Let’s say your new residence is not ready by the time you have to move out of the old one. Don’t worry, Paragon has you covered. We can offer you top-notch storage units for all of your stuff, and on top of it all, you get to use them for free for the first 30 days.

Keep Your Things in Top-Notch Storage Units

Letting experts handle your stuff is not easy. You are giving your valuables to people you don’t know, but don’t worry, the Paragon crew will take care of your boxes like they are our own. We will store them in climate-controlled storage units and return them to you in the same condition we took them. Our units are also surveilled 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff. On top of that, all the boxes are labeled, meaning that everything is accounted for.

We Will Insure Your Precious Cargo

No matter how far away you are relocating, insuring your stuff makes perfect sense, and with Paragon is a must. We know that even when you work with experts, accidents can happen. That’s the reason why moving insurance is mandatory when you hire the Paragon team.

We offer two types – basic and full coverage. The basic one will cover with $0.60 for every damaged pound of your stuff. However, if you have some belongings that are more valuable, you should consider getting full coverage. It will come with an extra cost, but it will ensure your stuff is protected no matter what.

Contact Us And We Will Help You Enjoy the Relocation

We strongly believe that respectful, open, and honest communication between our staff and customers is the most efficient way to provide the greatest possible assistance. That being said, when you contact us, you will see for yourself how dedicated our team is to make the relocation a memorable and pleasant experience for you. We can go to distance when it comes to our clients’ satisfaction. This is why the Paragon team has been in the business for a while, and it still has an impeccable reputation. As soon as you decide to move, give us a call, and we will relocate your home in no time while you sit back and relax.

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