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All You Need to Do When Moving to Another State Alone

Whether you have landed a dream job, just finished college, or simply looking for a change of scenery, moving to another state alone can be an exciting but also daunting process. If you want it to go smoothly and without a hitch, you should carefully plan, thoroughly research, and create a checklist of all the tasks needed to be done.

No matter if you are DIYing the whole thing or hiring cross country movers to do it for you, there are some questions to consider beforehand, like Is it a good idea to move out of state, and How much does it cost to relocate to another state. To help you with the whole process, we made a guide of all the things you should do when relocating on your own.

The First Step When Moving to Another State Alone Is Researching and Planning

No matter if you are DIYing the whole thing or hiring professionals to help you when going over what to do when moving to another state, you will realize there are a lot of things on your plate. To avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed without reason, get to planning and researching as soon as you decide to move. When you are done with the research it will be easy to tell Is it a good idea to move out of state, as well as How much does it cost to relocate to another state.

Create a Checklist and Stick to It

Even though it sounds cliche – the organization is the key to success. That’s why if you wish to avoid moving stress that comes with the process, create a list of tasks you need to do. Don’t skip anything. Write down all it needs to be done, from gathering documents to finding a place to call home. The list will track down your progress, and it will keep you from procrastinating. Also, think in advance and create a new apartment checklist where you can write down all the necessary stuff that needs to be done as soon as you relocate.

Make a Moving Budget and See Just How Much You Can Spend on Relocation

Have you ever wondered how to move to another state alone without going over the budget? It all comes down to thorough preparation. That’s why moving out for the first time budget should be one of the tasks to think about when you decide to relocate. If you are DIYing the whole thing, write down expenses like renting a truck and buying packing supplies. However, if you’re hiring professional movers, make sure you contact a few, ask for a free quote, and pick the ones with transparent prices.

Gather All the Necessary Documents Before Packing up Your Bags

When boxing up your entire life some things are bound to get misplaces. If you don’t want to spend days looking for important documents such as an insurance policy and ID, put them all in one place. This is where binders come in handy, using them is a great way to keep all the papers in one place during the relocation process.

Template for a checklist
Create a checklist, and you won't have to worry about missing a task

When Moving to a New State Alone Make Sure You Picked the Best City

You might not be moving internationally, but you are still settling in an unfamiliar place, so how can you be sure you picked the right one? While considering new locations, do the homework. Go over the essentials such as the cost of living, employment opportunities as well as the overall quality of life. Basically, ensure that relocation will improve your life, that’s how you can tell you picked an excellent spot to settle in.

Visit the Area Before Relocating There

Sometimes people are too eager to move, making one of the most common mistakes – relocating without getting to know the area they are going to. Before you start boxing up everything, visit a city just so that you can get a feel of it. Try to learn about the pros and cons of life there and ensure you picked the best location.

Get to Know the City and Find Home in the Best Neighborhood

Before you begin house hunting, decide between renting and buying. Create a list of all the necessities your neighborhood should have. If you are moving with pets, you’ll require parks and open spaces, and if you’re relocating for work make sure you settle in the area that is close to the office. When you know what you’re looking for, it will be easy to significantly narrow down the search.

Consider Bringing a Car With You

While visiting the location, calculate how much time you will spend commuting to work, restaurants, and shops. Consider both public transportation and driving, and you will be able to figure out which one is less time-consuming. If you opt for shipping your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call professionals to handle your car while you are finishing up other tasks.

A woman typing on a laptop
When looking for a perfect place, go over the cost of living, employment, and education options

Look for Employment Before Cross Country Moving

When moving to a new city alone having steady incomes is important because you are on your own and nobody will cover your bills or other expenses. To avoid dipping into your savings for the first month or two, try to find a job before you relocate. Start looking as soon as you decide to move because the selection process can be long, depending on the entry-level you are aiming for.

Network if You Want to Land the Best Job Possible

Moving without a job should be your last resort, and if you wish to land dream employment, networking is the way to go. Check out websites such as LinkedIn, and connect with people working in companies you are interested in. Having connections will make the whole job-hunting easier and stress-free.

Find Out if New Employers Can Cover a Part of Your Relocation Expenses

When you eventually get the employment you’ve been looking for, talk to your bosses and see if they are willing to cover a part of relocation expenses. Some companies even pay for temporary housing for their employees. Keep in mind that the more they are willing to pay, the less you will have to spend on the relocation process.

A man and a woman talking
Go over the top employers in the city and send a resume or two

Take Time to Pack Everything up

When you decide to DIY everything, you will probably wonder how to move to another state by yourself? Even though there are plenty of tasks to think about, it can all be done if you start the process early. Keep in mind that packing might seem like an easy and fun thing, but when you actually start putting stuff in boxes, you’ll realize it can be a tedious task. However, it needs to be done, so before buying packing supplies, get rid of the items you don’t want nor will use in the future. This way you will save some money on materials.

Decluttering Can Help You Get Rid of All the Extra Stuff

One of the greatest moving hacks that can save you a lot of money is decluttering. Before you start putting things in boxes, get rid of double ones, stuff you won’t use in a future home as well as broken belongings. In the end, the stuff that’s left can be put in containers, while the extra ones can be donated or sold.

Organize a Garage Sale – Earn Some Money

Do you have some skates, bikes, or even jackets in good condition that you can sell? If so, organize a garage sale and earn some extra money. You can even put your items online and sell them over Craigslist or some similar website. When it’s time to move if you have any extra items left, contact charities like Goodwill and donate.

Rely on Friends and Family to Help You With the Whole Process

Many might wonder How do I cope with moving to another state? When you get overwhelmed with all the tasks that should be done, just remember you are not alone. Even though your friends and family are not relocating with you, they will always be a phone call away. Luckily, modern communication allows you to even see them via Skype, Zoom, or any other app.

Furthermore, your loved ones can be excellent support during the whole relocation process. Not only they can provide you with much-needed reassurance, but they can also hands-on assist with many relocation tasks. Everybody knows how to pack clothes for moving, so while you are handling other stuff, let your friends raid your closet and box up stuff you’ll be taking with you. Furthermore, they can even bring you some packing supplies they don’t use nor need.

Organize a Party to Celebrate the New Beginning

Saying goodbye to friends and family can be a difficult and emotionally draining experience, so to avoid getting blue and depressed, organize a party and celebrate the new beginning. Throwing a farewell bash can be a perfect way to say goodbye to each and every person you care about. Furthermore, you can begin planning the next party in your future home.

People carrying boxes
Loved ones can help you a lot during the relocation process

Hiring Cross Country Movers Can Be the Best Way to Move to Another State

People wondering how to move out of state alone don’t actually need to do everything on their own. By hiring a reputable cross country relocation company, they can outsource a part of tasks to professionals.

Do you have a lot of fragile items? Do you actually wish to figure out how to pack glasses for moving? Or maybe you are tired of trying to figure out how to pack plates for relocation? That’s where having a trained crew comes in handy. All you will have to do is sit back, relax while they are doing all the grunt work.

Use a Variety of Services

When you are hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting instead of you, ask them about all the services they provide. A reputable company will be able to provide you not only with moving services but also some additional ones like packing. Furthermore, let’s say you are a musical person that has a lot of instruments but doesn’t want to figure out how to move a piano, you can always ask the movers to do it for you. They will have equipment and materials to handle all the bulky furniture you have. Additionally, if your new place is not ready, you can always leave your stuff in storage for a while. Having a cross country moving company at your disposal will make the whole relocation process much smoother and faster.

A person pushing the piano
Use more than one service, and you won't have to lift a finger

Additional Tips for Moving Out of State Alone That Can Help You Thrive

Cross country moving is not the same thing as the local move. You wouldn’t be able to just drop by the old place if you forgot something. That’s why it’s crucial to not skip any tasks you planned. When the big day comes, go through your old place and check if everything is packed and if every room is cleaned.

Another thing that can make the relocation process less tiresome is “you moments.” No matter how busy you get, don’t skip meals, take walks, and naps. Your body and mind will appreciate it. Keeping up with healthy habits is also beneficial when avoiding relocation depression.

Remember, packing up your whole life, and relocating across the state’s border is a big deal, if you have doubts, talk to your loved ones, share your worries and anxieties. It might seem overwhelming at the moment, but when you finally settle in the new home, you’ll realize it was all worth the trouble.

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