Things You Should Know When Moving to a New City Alone

Leaving your home for new adventures is never easy, and if you are on your own, it’s even more challenging. Moving to a new city alone requires preparation and planning if you want to make the most of it. Read on to find out how to prepare, what to expect, and what are the best tips.

Many individuals decide to relocate on their own each year for education, better work opportunities, or simply because of the desire to experience something yet untried. It is daunting but also alluring, and though you can’t control everything, you can prepare to a large degree.

How Do I Move to Another State Alone – Things to Do Before Relocating

To get ready for the big change, you should break this huge task into smaller chunks. You made the decision, and that was the hardest part. Now you need to put in the effort to organize yourself well. First, decide whether you’ll move on your own or you want to have professional moving services.

This depends on the size of your move because if you don’t have to move heavy items such as furniture, perhaps you’re fine on your own. Bear in mind that there won’t be anyone to assist you, though. Then, set the date of your move. This is vital because it will allow you to commit to your obligations properly. Finally, make a checklist and start packing.

Start With Packing and Leaving Behind Unwanted Items

Moving to a new city alone means you are starting your life fresh, so perhaps you might want to chuck out some of your old things, leave them in storage or donate. There isn’t much point in sticking to all of your precious possessions because you’ll want to start afresh in a different environment. Make sure you know how to pack clothes for moving not to risk having any of your favorite items destroyed during the process. Also, create a new apartment checklist filled with things you’d like to buy for your future place. Now you should curate the space you always wanted, so perhaps the best is to have something old and something novel.

A woman walking and strolling luggage.
Don’t bring everything with you, sell or donate unwanted items and create some space for fresh stuff.

Another City, Another Opportunity?

Moving to a new city alone is a lot of work. You have to make friends, discover different spots, and establish yourself professionally again. Yet, it’s also a marvelous opportunity to grow and become more mature. You can enjoy this process and avoid moving stress if you develop the right mindset from the word go. It also helps to develop a strategy that will enable you to make the most of your second home.

Employee Relocation

If you are employed and you’d like to continue pursuing that specific career, ask your employer whether there are any employee relocation opportunities or if they can help you get professional connections in the place you’re heading to. On the other hand, if you want a shift from your current career, think about your career goals and ambitions. If you’re going to another country, you should check the government sites and get information about work opportunities and the job market.

Should You Move to a New City Without a Job?

Moving to a new city alone without a job seems daunting. You need income, no matter how large the savings you take with you are. Yet, this problem can be solved. Still, if you plan to do cross country moving, you should check your town’s economic situation and whether there is a need for workers with your skills. When moving without a job, you should check the average wage and the cost of living to get a clearer picture of how much money you’ll need to earn. Then, calculate whether this is possible with the moving out for the first time budget you have drawn up.

Two workers smiling and making a high five gesture.
Don’t be scared of finding work opportunities.

Tips on Relocating Without a Job

Every beginning is hard, especially if you’ve got no connections and no work waiting for you. But, while you’re looking for employment, use your time wisely. Take a look at this video to learn more about moving without a job.

What Do You Do When You Move to a New City Alone? Use Your Time Wisely

You need to tackle income and accommodation first. In the ideal case scenario, you should arrange these prior to your departure to avoid running and panicking. Once the big day comes, and you wave bye to your international moving company or cross country mover, the next chapter of your life begins. After your residential relocation is done, you should start settling in and these hacks might help you do that.

Decorate Your Home – the Best Way to Start Another Chapter

Take your time to unpack, but don’t just take your belongings out. Try to decorate the space along the way so that you can enjoy being in it. Once the going gets tough, you’ll appreciate having a cozy spot of your own where you can spend quality alone time and recharge for all the challenges that await you. You can layout the items that remind you of your old home, such as photos or other memories. You can also start taking photos of yourself in the place, which can inspire you to keep going and remind you how much you have progressed.

Create a Plan or a List

The place you came to is so full of adventure, and it would be a shame not to use its full potential. When you get over the first shock, compile a list of what you’d like to see, visit, and accomplish during your stay. You can organize the list into meaningful categories to make it easier for you. You can include different food you’d like to try, places you’d want to visit, activities you want to be part of or anything else that is of interest. Once you’re done, get out there and start checking things off one by one.

Check Out Your New Neighborhood

Get acquainted with the area you live in. Just take a walk around the neighborhood and get to know it. Check where the nearest shop is and if there are any other shops nearby. Discover whether there are parks and greenery close to you, especially if you are moving with pets. Besides, you need to learn about your transportation options and info. Check where the nearest station is and how much it takes to get to places you want. Neighbors are a great asset in this process as they can provide you with invaluable expert tips.

A table with colorful flowers.
Getting your favorite detail out can go a long way.

How to Make Friends In a New Place?

Moving to a city alone can be a great opportunity to expand your circle of friends and get to know some exciting people. It does seem a bit scary because you might feel entirely on your own with nobody to turn to talk about your worries, but you shouldn’t feel this way. Focus on the positive part and give the others a chance to get to know you. Don’t judge too hastily and bear in mind there must be persons you’ll go along with, which is something to look forward to.

Be Extra Outgoing

The key is to create opportunities where you will be able to meet people because they won’t just come up at your door. If you are an extrovert and you believe you wouldn’t enjoy living alone, consider shared habitations where you have your private room but share some common spaces such as the kitchen with others. This way, you might find friends quickly. Still, you should also go out as much as you can and enjoy social events which might lead you to promising relationships. Go to networking opportunities, meetups, or clubs where you think you’ll find like-minded people. Invest in building ties in your current house because they can go a long way.


Another great way to socialize is to volunteer at events important for the community. This way, you’ll be able to step into the shoes of your neighbors and understand their ways of living and practices better. Even if you are moving cross country to a state similar to yours, you’ll still be shocked to discover how these tiny actions help you become a full member of the community.

Use Apps to Meet People

One of the best ways to get in touch with a variety of cool people is to install meeting apps. You should research what apps are popular in your area and install the ones much in use. Perhaps you’ll find someone interesting here to grab a coffee with, have a pint, or go to a park.

Don’t Be Shy to Approach People

When you start attending all these events and happenings, take the initiative, and just start conversations. Why be the one who’ll wait for others? The best is to break the ice, and you’ll relax soon after. Many people will feel the same way as you do but will be too inhibited to approach you first. If there is someone you want to talk to, go for it. Needless to say, you should still use your common sense when choosing a company.

Two women sitting on a white bench, talking and laughing.
Making friends increases your satisfaction.

Is It Hard to Move to a New City Alone?

To learn how to move to a new city alone can be complex and lengthy. Remember that progress is not always linear, and don’t be hard on yourself. Make sure you made your time meaningful and try to be productive. Always focus on the positive and keep your goals in your mind constantly. You are bound to experience some fits of relocation, depression, and homesickness.

But you’ll beat these in no time if you have a full schedule and if you think about all the things you are grateful for. Don’t think about what went wrong, but how much you managed. Prepare yourself mentally before you set out that you need patience for this kind of thing and that adapting doesn’t happen overnight. Finally, keep in touch with your old friends. They’ll be happy to know you are thriving, and they can give you the much-needed boost.

Tips for Moving to a New City Alone

  • Build routines to give you structure and keep you focused on your goals,
  • It’s time to do what you liked doing in your place and add something you specifically like here to your schedule,
  • Do the research and use various apps to get comments, reviews, and other useful info from your neighbors,
  • Don’t overthink about the move. Once you forget about moving hacks, your life can begin.
A cup of tea, books, and flowers.
Don’t forget to treat yourself and do what made you happy back home.

Now You’re Ready for Moving to a New City Alone

Even if you experience hardships, you should be proud of the improvements that doing it alone can bring you. It’s mentally and emotionally challenging on the one hand, but on the other, it can help you get in touch with your true desires and capabilities. Away from family and friends who have always influenced your life and decisions, you might get surprised by what you come across. This experience will definitely build your self-esteem and sense of independence, and you’ll be better at problem-solving, more creative, and more open. It can help you change your perception significantly for the better, so try to enjoy the ride with all its ups and downs since it will ultimately pay off.

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