Ingenious Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Is your long-distance move approaching? Before you pack up all of your things and relocate, catch up on some of the latest moving hacks and tips. If you apply these, you will be able to complete it all much sooner and save some money, in the process. Cross country relocation of your household can be stressful, but if you employ professionals, you can find it far simpler.

Cross country moving requires lots of planning. What is the most efficient way to move? There are many ways and strategies that can help you minimize the time and energy you would waste when moving long-distance. Keep reading to find more if you are interested in some of them.

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

How do you move painlessly? If you know moving tips and hacks to make the relocation process go faster, it doesn’t  have to be so difficult. There are more than a few tricks you can use even before you start packing up the place and some of these would even encourage you to save money and time. To ensure a smoother organization, here are few moving hacks to make moving easier.

Do Your Preparations

What will make a relocation more exhausting and unpredictable? Well, the answer is – not being adequately prepared for every phase of the process. So, you should put some work into learning more about relocation and how to get ready for it to save yourself from problems. To be completely prepared for the move, let’s take a look at the main steps that can be taken.

Take Pictures of Everything

It is not cheap to have to pay a deposit and the first month’s rent. All that being said, if you wish to get your money back,  you can take photographs of the apartment or house when you move in and move out so that the landlord knows that it is the same as it was before you came in. Remember to put that in your new apartment checklist as well.

Pack a Bag for Moving Day

One of the most commonly forgotten things to pack is the move-in day bag. You should place all the necessities in a separate bag, and this could include medicines, essential paperwork, chargers for mobile phones, some simple toiletries, and some water. It’s one of the most forgotten items, but as the relocation begins, it’s very handy to have it. The purpose of this bag is to provide easy access to everything you may need, because at this stage you’re going to be all packed, and you won’t have time to search for things in the boxes. Everything will go smoother by planning what to put in the bag the day before.

Tips for Decluttering

One of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of boxes you need and the moving stress – is to declutter. Start by going through all of your things if you don’t know what not to pack before relocating. You can sell all the pieces you don’t need or want online, at a yard sale, or give them as a present to your loved ones. If your belongings are in decent shape, you should donate unwanted items to a nearby charity. Also, you can rent a storage unit from a long-distance moving company for more than a fair price while moving cross country. If you don’t know where to start with decluttering, watch the video below.

Use These Hacks on Move-out Day

The last day is always the most daunting part of the move, because everything in your former home is expected to be ready by this point. When you have kids or moving with pets, make sure they are taken care of by leaving them with friends or family. In addition, you should put aside some items that you can reach, like snacks and some water.

Make a Plan for Your Kids and Pets

Where should your kids spend the relocation day, which may be too hectic for them? A neighbor or a family member can be invited to spend the day with them or plan a playdate. Also, relocating requires for a few more planning actions to be taken for your pet, too. Relocation can be rather stressful for animals. So, you should consider leaving your cat or dog with a friend to look after it. Another choice is to leave a separate space where your buddy will be and to keep them entertained by leaving their favorite toys in the room. If you chose the second option, do not forget to periodically check in on your pet so that they do not feel sad or afraid.

Keep Some Snacks and Drinks Close

Keeping all your essential items next to you during the move-out day is a must. Also, with numerous activities, such as unpacking dozens of boxes, the first day after the move will be messy. During those days having some food and snacks close is very important. So remember to prepare some food and drinks that you can reach easily. Your wellbeing should still be your first priority, no matter how important relocation is so think about yourself and your health. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, particularly if you’re relocating in the summer. And don’t forget to take a snack to give you the necessary energy boost.

A woman cutting vegetables
Prepare healthy snacks for the move-out day in advance

Plan Your Budget

Money is among the main factors that causes stress during relocations. It is crucial to define your moving out for the first time budget right from the beginning and be confident that you have enough to pay all the expenses. You should organize each step of the move accordingly as you decide how much you can afford to invest in this project.

If You are Hiring Professional Cross Country Movers Ask for a Free Quote

You should always ask for a free quote if you’re looking to hire professional cross country movers. It will help you get the sense of how much money you will spend. Call your chosen relocation company and ask about all the details, so you can calculate everything in your expenses checklist.

A mover is writing something on paper
If you are hiring a professional mover, don’t forget to ask for a free quote

Save Money on Your Boxes and Other Packing Supplies

Find out how many boxes you’re going to need and get them ready in advance. You will have time to search some shops that will give you free supplies. A whole bunch of duct tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, scissors, and markers will also be required, but maybe you can use some household items instead.

Use Household Items as Your Packing Supplies

It’s awesome to have diverse suppliers and resources, but they’re costs that can build up fast. On the other hand, you can find things in your house that can be useful for packing. There are plenty of items at home you can use if you’re trying to pack your possessions and don’t want to go over your budget. Towels, blankets, and even clothes are just some of the examples.

Get the Boxes and Other Materials for Free

Besides using the regular things you have in your home, there are other ways to save money on materials. Check if your friends or relatives have any remaining materials from when they moved would be the best route. Also, websites, major stores and recycling centers, are another option. These places are a good choice if you find some free items. You can also find various online supplies at bargain prices, and before you start packing, it can be an ideal way to buy boxes and other cheap materials. However, if you want new high-quality packing materials, seek for professional movers help.

Supplies for a relocation
Get your supplies on time

How Do You Pack For Move?

Packing methods are among the most important tips when moving to another state alone. There are many ways you can pack to make sure that your belongings are well protected. In order to  make the relocation process faster and to save money, try these next few packing hacks for moving.

Wrap Delicate Items in Towels

It’s important to wrap delicate items in towels, or some other soft material you have when packing them. If you don’t know how to pack glasses for moving you can stuff them with socks. Dish towels should be used to wrap sharp items, such as scissors and knives.

Suitcases Are Good for Heavy Things

For example, if you’re unsure about how to pack plates for moving, here’s an idea – you can put them in suitcases with wheels. For all sorts of heavy objects like heavy dishes or books, suitcases may be very handy. And if you have sufficiently durable bags, it is a money-saver to place books in them. For heavy items, you can also use briefcases, baskets, or plastic containers.

Make a Labeling System

It’s important to have a good labeling system for your boxes if you want to speed up unpacking after a relocation. Label both the top and the sides of the boxes and do that with a visible marker. If you mark just one end, after you place them on top of each other, you may not know what’s in each container. Using multiple colored notes will be the perfect way to mark the boxes. Each color should be one room, making this an easy but powerful way to recognize what box goes where.

Use the Drawers

Are you wondering how to pack clothes for moving? Well, you can use drawers as containers. There’s no point in emptying them and packing clothes in cardboard boxes. Just keep everything as it is, other than wrapping the dresser in a plastic wrap, because you have to make sure everything is secured.

Pack Socks Into Shoes

What is the best place for your socks to be stored? Load your shoes with socks instead of using your valuable containers. You will have all shoe-related things in one location this way. Also, you can put your socks in glasses, vases, and anything similar. Even as an alternative to crumpled paper or bubble wrap, socks can be used as a good padding.

A guy putting shoes in a box
When packing shoes, put the socks inside

Moving Hacks That Will Help You Unpack Quickly

Some things need to be done after you get to your new house. For months and months, some people like to delay unpacking and leave full boxes to be dragged around the house. Here are a couple of tips to help you quickly begin unpacking:

  • Begin with the kitchen because it appears to be the space that takes the most time,
  • Make a deadline by scheduling a gathering or a move-in party,
  • Do the big stuff first and then the smaller once – one every day,
  • Recycle the supplies that you used.
Unpacked box with things from the living room
Don’t wait too long to start unpacking

The Best Life Hack is to Hire Professional Movers – Just Book Them on Time

Are you curious how to move a piano? What about packing power tools? The solution to all your relocation-related issues is very easy. For some help, you should turn to experienced movers. Ask for a packing service if you don’t know how to pack heavy or incredibly delicate possessions. The auto transport service is the best option for you if you don’t know what to do with your car. And if before, or after, your relocation you happen to need a convenient place to store your belongings, that’s what storage units are for. You should book a long-distance moving company a couple months in advance, depending on the time of the year. Booking a date would be much better, because you will allow yourself plenty of time to get everything done. When you hire professionals to help you get organized, you can do something else like look for business opportunities, which is especially useful if you are moving without a job.

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