Pro Tips on How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving

Learning how to deal with all the kitchen items is not always a piece of cake, especially if you’re new to the whole process of relocating. But, if you’re puzzled by the question how to pack pots and pans, our expert tips will help you sail through it without a hitch.  Read on to find out how to approach this task, what to use, and what to avoid.

Many people think that since this cookware is durable, it can be packed without much thought. But that is not quite true. The catch with these is that once the surface is damaged, the item is pretty much broken beyond repair. So give your best to avoid any scratches, bumps, or damage if you’re looking forward to scrambled eggs, pancakes, or steaks in your new home. So what should you consider?

Packing Pots and Pans Step 1: Get Ready

Regardless of what your answer to the question how many pots and pans do you really need is, you’ll be wise to set things up before you begin, be it a small kitchen or a huge one. And how exactly do you complete this step?

Find the Right Box for Each Item

Boxes are always a part of relocating plans, and it almost always starts with them. This one is no exception. Still, not all cartons are the same, and they can’t serve the purpose just as well. So when you choose boxes for your cookware, heed these simple pieces of advice:

  • Size is everything – If you’re doing the loading into the truck, or even if you’re hiring an international moving company to help you, ensure you don’t pick small boxes if you’ve got many items because you’ll elongate the process and wear yourself out. Yet, huge ones won’t do either because they can get too heavy and break. Try the golden mean, that is medium-sized cartons,
  • Put in effort for used ones – Reusing a used box is okay, but remember that they can’t be flimsy. If you opt to reuse, don’t start putting things in immediately. First, reinforce the bottom and the top with tape to minimize any risk,
  • Overestimate how many you’ll need – Nobody likes being wasteful, yet most people claim that one of the major moving mistakes they’ve made was not getting enough boxes in the first place. So do your math right if you want to avoid assembling cartons more than once.

Prepare Your Moving Materials

The central and pivotal of all moving hacks is always knowing what supplies to get. It’s the make-it-or-break-it of your move since, with the wrong ones, you’re bound to run into trouble. Still, the good news is that with this type of kitchenware, most of the things you can get or already have will do. You’ll do great if you obtain some of these:

  • Bubble wrap,
  • Hand towels,
  • Packing paper or old newspapers,
  • Tape for relocations, not duct tape,
  • Permanent markers.

Clean and Check Everything

This is the perfect timing to examine all your items for damage and clean them to facilitate the transition. This way, you’ll know when you reach your new place if some dents are a result of relocation or they had been there before.

Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn about an extremely useful hack related to assembling and obtaining supplies needed for your relocation.

How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving With Three Exclusive Tips

Once you set everything up, you can get to the actual process. If you’ve already learnt how to pack plates for moving or you became a master of how to pack glasses for moving, now you’ll have another string to your bow. And the essence is the same; only the nuances change.

Step 1 – Create Groups That Can Go Together

A great time-saving tip here is to create bundles of items of similar size or simply those that can be stacked like Russian dolls. This means you should see which ones can be paired up and compile bundles accordingly.

Wrap the Cooking Surface of All Pots and Pans

As we’ve mentioned already, the cooking surface must be protected by all means. What you want to do is use at least one sheet of paper or newspaper per item. Another way to go about it is to put towels inside each one, and as a bonus, you’ll have the majority of towels already packed up by the time you reach the bathroom.

An Expert Tip Is to Pack the Lids Separately

If you were wondering how do you pack pots and pans to move, the question of dealing with lids must have crossed your mind too. Many of these are made of glass, so you should be cautious in order to avoid the moving stress that can lead to accidents and consequently buying new lids or, worse, new kitchenware. The best thing you can do is wrap each lid individually. For extra safety, wrap in a towel first, then protect with paper and finally tape your bundle shut. Prepared like this, almost nothing can cause damage to your lid.

Two pink ceramic cooking pots on a white table
Don't take any risks with the lids

You’ll Need These Tips Too if You Want Everything to Be Impeccable

You’re almost there, but for maximum success and guarantee that you won’t need a set of kitchenware on your new apartment checklist, stay focused and keep your cool. There are some wee things you still must mind.

Be Smart When You Fill the Empty Space in the Boxes

As you must have realized by now, the bottom and the top of your container must be protected somehow. You can lay towels, wadded paper or newspaper, or even make paper rolls. It’s all fine as long as it provides padding. Some people even go as far as to combine this with learning how to pack clothes for moving and use old clothes as layers, but this is by no means necessary.

Another crucial point here is that there should be no empty space as it can make your items shift and suffer damage. You can prevent this with scrunched-up paper or get creative and find some sturdy miscellaneous kitchen objects such as the grater to fill the ex. Just remember to use your common sense here.

Pay Special Attention to Most Valuable Pieces

If you’ve got a teflon or some other nonstick type of pan that you believe can be tricky to transport in a bundle, set it aside. It pays off more to grin and bear that you’ll devote extra time and material to it than to risk damaging it since they’re usually of no use if damaged.

Label Clearly

Regardless of whether you’re moving to another state alone, taking your whole extended family with, or moving with pets, you’ll want unpacking to be as quick and simple as possible. You’ll have bigger fish to fry in all other aspects, especially if you’re moving without a job, so be your own savior, label everything, and do it with a system.

This means you shouldn’t only write cookware on the box as it might end up in your bedroom. Yeah, we know that people usually know where objects go in a home without any direction. But bear in mind that everyone gets tired of lifting and organizing. So, you must emphasize the room and find a way to navigate your helpers or professional cross country movers.

A man taping the box shut
Labeling is a must in all cases

Moves You Want to Avoid

Now that you know which path to take, you can look at some of the big no’s of this endeavor. They’re pretty simple but can be a hassle if you’re unaware of them.

Transporting Wet Objects

If you’re big on cooking, you know how often you have to wash or tidy your kitchenware. Still, now is the time to check and double-check. If your pot or pan is wet, you risk ruining the paper and wreaking havoc on the whole bundle. The same goes for the box. Now, if there’s only a bit of water, it might not be as terrible, but you’ll still do better to take your time to dry it all.

Taking Garbage Bags

Many people believe that garbage bags are a good answer to the question how do you pack kitchen items. But, sadly, that is not the case. They’re not secure enough, and if you opt for them, all kinds of problems can plague you. How can you stack these properly? What if certain parts protrude? Where to put them in the truck? There aren’t good enough answers to these, so if you don’t want to take pot luck, do yourself a favor and forget about it.

Putting Heavy Items on Top of Lighter Ones

This sounds reasonable, yet it slips people’s minds, especially when they’re in a hurry. And it’s a real drag since it can create a hole in your moving out for the first time budget because lighter items get squashed and broken this way. So, remember that when you fill your container, the heaviest objects go first, and the lightest are the last to get inside.

Stashing Heavy Objects Over the Kitchenware Containers Once You’re Done With Packing Pots and Pans for Moving

The fact that you know how to move a piano sure doesn’t mean that it should go above your favorite pan. Ok, it sounds a bit extreme, but the same logic applies here as with the containers. When you load the truck, the cooking objects should be safely stored far from any dangerous burden.

A stressed woman sitting on the floor
Try to reduce your stress and don't make some of the common mistakes

How Do You Pack Pots and Pans for Storage?

All superb cross country movers can help you get your kitchen ready for the immaculate storage services they offer. The procedure remains the same, yet the storage facilities need to be in perfect condition for keeping these. So, before you book or arrange storage, make sure the company’s premises live up to all of these expectations:

  • Cleanliness is the number one priority,
  • The spaces are heat-controlled,
  • Your containers are clearly sorted and supervised at all times,
  • Your objects are separate from those of other people,
  • The spaces have video systems that prevent theft,
  • The company offers reputable insurance for all belongings you store.
A green storage unit
Ensure the company of your choice is reliable and trustworthy

Cross Country Movers Can Help Regardless of the Distance

A top-rated international moving company can make a huge difference for your relocation. Not only will the professionals help you get state-of-the-art packing services with moving supplies included, but you’ll also have the option to let experts take care of other issues as well. Reputable movers can provide you with superb auto-shipping services, and there’ll be nothing to worry about when it comes to your four-wheeler. So, with the right moving services, pots, pans, and all other things will be a piece of cake as you’ll get to sit back, relax and enjoy a head start if you allow those with ample experience do everything safely and effortlessly.

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